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It is identified that hypertension can be brought on by pressure. It is why we are suggested to establish some leisure time into our day by day program. How helpful is relaxation is decreasing substantial blood tension?

I have investigated this by conducting an (unscientific) experiment of my individual into deep rest. The final results had been stunning.

Unique types of relaxation

There are two forms of peace:

  1. active rest and
  2. passive peace.

When we communicate about stress-free, we normally believe of passive relaxation these types of as listening to quiet new music, taking pleasure in the wonderful surroundings all around us or just only quieting our brain for a although. The additional mentally disciplined among us could possibly meditate. These solutions can decreased significant blood force.

A round of golf or a tennis sport may possibly be deemed as energetic relaxation, but these do not essentially have the exact same outcome as passive rest.

My experiment

A pair of months ago, I decided to listen to “A Guided Meditation” by Glenn Harrold that experienced been accumulating dust on the shelf since 2003. It induced in me a quite deep degree of mental and actual physical relaxation. As it transpired, I had my household electronic BP watch in close proximity to me. The guided meditation lasted for about fifty percent an hour, at the close of which, on a whim, I made a decision to measure my systolic and diastolic pressures.

I calculated these pressures all over again four hours later.

The results stunned me. My morning readings have been 140/93 with a pulse charge of 70. Individuals readings have been up a little bit on what they commonly are, but yet are regarded normal for a individual of my age.

Just after listening to “A Guided Meditation”, my readings have been 127/80 with a pulse price of 63. Inspired by this, I recurring the experiment for the following six days. Then I altered to listening to “Paul McKenna's Deep Leisure” CD, which I listened to each day for a week. Co-by the way, this CD had also been collecting dust on the shelf because 2003.

The effects

It have to be mentioned that:

  1. neither “A Guided Meditation” nor “Paul McKenna's Deep Rest” claim to decrease hypertension and
  2. these programmes are not comparable solutions.

Having said that, they each reduced my systolic and diastolic pressures significantly, but by distinct amounts:

  • “A Guided Meditation” continually resulted in blood force readings in the selection of 11 to 13 points reduced than the measurements I took at the start of the day. The impact was nevertheless obvious, albeit lessened, following 4 hrs.
  • Whilst, “Paul McKenna's Deep Peace” constantly resulted in blood tension readings in the assortment of 5 to 7 factors decreased than the measurements I took at the start out of the day. The result was not measurable just after 4 several hours.

I do not assert to have utilized scientific methodology. Also, the effects have been certain to me, so my success should really be deemed as anecdotal evidence. Yet, both equally sets of effects are quite great. The useful results of deep peace lasted for about 4 hours.


This piece of rough science confirms that deep leisure is an helpful way of doing away with physical and mental stress, therefore reducing hypertension. Both “A Guided Meditation” and “Paul McKenna's Deep Rest” gave very good benefits for me. Even though the positive aspects only past a few hrs, it is nonetheless worthwhile as it enhances the other techniques remaining used to reduced my significant blood force.

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