If you’ve tried various diets and exercise regimes with the hope of losing weight but have ended up feeling disappointed and frustrated don’t give up hope. There are still options worth considering that can bring you the results that you desire. Dietary supplements and pills such as Herbalean have already allowed countless numbers of people to bring down their weight by a dramatic amount.

You may be wondering what exactly a dietary pill is. To understand more we should take a closer look at Herbalean. This is an ephedra extract based diet supplement that can be taken on a daily basis as part of a holistic slimming package. Of course you will still need to cut down on fatty foods and junk foods to get the best results.

So what exactly does Herbalean contain that can provide such benefits? There are in fact a number of interesting ingredients that are worth learning more about. Before we look into the details it is worth mentioning that you can get hold of a supply of Herbalean through various sources. The best deals are usually to be found online.

One of the most important ingredients is Chromium. This is a trace mineral that is essential in the regulation of insulin, glucose metabolism, and the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels. As it can help in suppressing appetite whilst increasing lean body mass the value of this compound as part of a dietary supplement should not be overlooked.

Another interesting compound found in this dietary supplement is Ephedra Extract. This natural herb derived from MaHuang is a sympathomimetic. Basically what this means is that it mimics the effect of the body’s own hormones. The result of this is an increased alertness, faster metabolism, effective weight loss, and a more pronounced mental sharpness.

Paullinia sorbilis is a South American shrub from which seeds are harvested. The native peoples of the Amazon rain forest have used paullinia sorbilis for hundreds of years as a way of boosting energy levels and reducing fatigue. Research has also discovered it is effective as an appetite suppressant and can promote weight loss.

Hoodia Gordonii is found in many diet pills including Herbalean. This is a cactus plant which grows primarily in southern Africa. The active ingredients are now well known to have powerful properties that can increase the rate of weight loss considerably. It contains a compound which is similar to glucose but as much as one hundred thousand times more powerful. They hypothalamus receives this as a signal that enough food has been consumed and begins to suppress the appetite.


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