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Descripción del producto Bausch lomba s Highly developed ocuvite Eye – Vitamina adulto 50  suave geles han sido especialmente formulado para ayudar a nutrir ojo essential nutrientes que pueden ser perdido como te de edad. From the Company Studies counsel that enhanced nourishment may decrease eyesight decline connected with ageing. Believed to be notably useful in the avoidance of cataracts, agerelated macular degeneration, and other diseases that influence your eyes or eyesight are anti-oxidants such as natural vitamins C and E. Ocuvite, the complement most normally recommended by eyecare industry experts, has these two vital natural vitamins, as nicely as vitamin A, zinc, copper, and selenium. Antioxidant Vitamin and Mineral SupplementEssential formulation:   lutein, essential antioxidants, and zinc Overall economy Dimension Weve altered our formulation.   Ocuvite tablets now consist of lutein. moreover more vitamin C and E. Why incorporate lutein to the established formulation of Ocuvite?  Lutein is a useful carotenoid observed largely in leafy environmentally friendly vegetables, and scientific studies have revealed that lutein, section of the pigment in the eye, may well secure the eye by acting as a filter of harmful light.   People with diets higher in lutein may well have a reduced danger of developing agerelated eye illness. * Derived from marigolds, the 2 mg of lutein in Ocuvite tablets joins other critical vitamins and minerals such as the essential antioxidant natural vitamins C, E and A (as beta carotene), along with copper, selenium and zinc to support preserve ocular health and fitness. * Is Ocuvite suitable for your?  For a more substantial dose of lutein to raise the total of lutein in the eye, talk to your doctor about Ocuvite Lutein capsules with 6 mg of lutein.   If youre on the lookout for even bigger amounts of vitamins C and E, 2 mg of lutein, other important vitamins and minerals, plus all the positive aspects of Ocuvite, select Ocuvite More tablets. Ocuvite  the #1 Advisable Supplement Manufacturer Among EyeCare Gurus.  (1) Could be utilised with other nutritional health supplements pursuing consultation with your health practitioner or pharmacist. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Foods and Drug Administration.   This solution is not supposed to diagnose, address, heal or stop any disorder. (1)Information on file, Bausch Lomb Prescription drugs, Inc. Made in United states Serving dimension, A single Tablet servings for each container, 120 Vitamin A (100% as beta carotene): 100% Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): 100% Vitamin E (dlalpha tocopherol acetate): 100% Zinc (from zinc oxide, see notice in solution facts): 270% Selenium (from sodium selenate): 60% Copper (from cupric oxide): 100% .
Especialmente formulado para ayudar a nutrir vital Eye nutrientes que puede perderse como usted edad,
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